About Bhutan

About Bhutan

Tugged in the southern folds of the mighty Himalayas Bhutan is a tiny Buddhist kingdom frozen in time and mystery. The untouched streams and brooks, hills of pines and cedars coupled with mighty peaks that simply juts out of the distant horizon is sure to add to the beautiful panorama of this delightful country of just 800,000 inhabitants that welcome visitors through the wide chasm of their doma-stained teeth.

Known commonly to the world as the last Shangril-la or the Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan’s 38,000 SqKms boasts of having more than 70 percent of its total land mass in perpetual forest cover making it to the top ten biological hotspots of the globe. The pristine landscape and unsullied culture has also gone unnoticed to the niche traveler as tourists flock into the nation by thousands often defying the ‘much-hyped dollar 250 a day tag’ which Bhutan follows in its tourism policy to check the many negativities attached to mass tourism.

To beat this, most Bhutanese houses are adorned with paintings of giant phalluses and out-of-the-ordinary architectures. The fiery and pungent dish of emadatsi (a dish of chilly and mature cheese) is also sure to add to ones culinary experience as you traverse across mountains punctuated by fluttering prayer flags and gigantic Dzongs (fortresses) that stand like sentinels to this ancient land of myth and mysteries.

The country’s unspoilt nature and abundant floral and avifaunal repository has become a haven for nature lovers and trekkers. Bhutan boasts of having one of the most beautiful and difficult trekking routes in the world. The landscape is dotted with a wide array of flowering trees like the rhododendrons, peach and cherry blossoms coupled with breathtaking scenes of the Himalayan grandeur unmatched anywhere else in the globe.

The unassuming age-old tradition and culture, which has remained unchanged for centuries thanks to the country’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness through conservation of tradition and culture, is typical only to this part of the world. The colourful mask dances and the national game of archery are some highlights of the country’s many cultural wonders that are sure to appease to the 21 century adventure seeker and traveler.

Welcome to Bhutan where happiness is a goal and experience the true feeling of a heaven on earth!