Nature, Wildlife and Nomadic Life Tour
Nature, Wildlife and Nomadic Life Tour
Special Interest Tour


The Constitution of Bhutan mandates keeping 60% of the country’s total area under forest cover for all times. Bhutan is also the only country that has declared to the world that it will remain a net carbon sink in perpetuity. Indeed, the country is blessed with rich bounties of nature: over 800 known species of butterflies, 800-plus species of birds, more than 5,00 species of orchids, and 50 species of rhododendron alone. Additionally, it has more than 200 species of mammals not to mention other plants and animals that are yet to be discovered.


Our Packages

i. Royal Manas National Wildlife Sanctuary Tour/Rafting
ii. Merak-Sakteng Semi-nomads Village Tour – an insight into Bon Shaman rituals and yak dances
iii. Astrological/Shaman tour